Thursday, August 9, 2012


To nourish is better than to feed. Gone are the days where I can slam a few mouthfuls of whatever and not pay for it. I can no longer wake up and eat cookies like I used to, I can no longer handle soda like I used to. I balanced my body and it knows where my happy medium is. I feel incredibly lucky that I can go to the store and have my choice of food, whatever my heart desires, without toiling for it, without going hungry ever a day in my life. I keep this in mind when I feed my body. My goal is to keep my body nourished the right way so I can help others do the same. Keep my body strong so I can lift others up. Raw is my choice food, especially when snacking and desserts. Sugar is literally like a poison for me. It wrecks me. On top of green smoothies and other raw greens & veggies, these are my choice raw recipes.

Of course, I fall all the time and make myself some regular cookies or brownies, but I always pay for it afterwards. I find that having the ingredients to make any of these yum-yums keeps me from choosing things that will make me feel rotten. Some of these are variations on a theme, a little dates, cocoa powder, vanilla, nuts. But I like some variation. Most of these I have made, some I am looking forward to. Some musts for raw creating are: dates, raw cashews, raw almonds, raw walnuts, coconut oil, honey, raw oats, raw pecans, cocoa powder, and vanilla. A little staple pantry. It's how food should be, nourishing and a little indulgent.


  1. oh these all look so good, thanks for sharing!! id love to see some non sweet raw ones too if you ever want to share!! im on a 10 day juice/smoothie/raw food fast, and for not doing it alot, ive been finding it challenging. but still feels so good!

  2. Soda and sugar two old friends of mine....I like what you said about staying strong so that you can lift others up. I am at the beginning of my raw food, no gluten, no processed foods journey. I too feel so different and focus in a much more positive way when I have nourished my body and soul with good food choices.

  3. Smart girl. It is only now that I'm pregnant that I'm begining to take true joy in eating really well. That photo of raw carrots at the top? One of my favorite snacks. Of course, this is all easier now in summer when everything is so incredibly fresh. Hope I can keep it up after the harvest has passed. Good luck to you. Glad I found your blog. :)