Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ebb and Flow

It's a time of ebb and flow for us. Letting things in and letting things go. I feel free and rested and peaceful currently. I'm welcoming the summer time with taking a deep breathe and turning my face up to the sun. At the end of April we stood on the brink of moving to Colorado for a few months, and decided the timing just wasn't right, and we are content with that decision made in just a week. We went from drastic extremes from going to not going over 7 long days, but when the time came, it just didn't feel right. We don't feel like we are setting our dreams down, just choosing which path will take us there. And the job offer is still open ended, so if we feel the time is right, we can take it later in the summer, or next time around, which was like breathing a breath of fresh air to hear.
Physically my body has felt the stress - the stress of money, the stress of unsurety - and I feel like I'm just now pulling out of it. I'm giving myself more grace, taking time to ease down and into what I need to do and want to do. More quality time, with my girls, as a family, and alone. All important aspects of emotional healthiness.

Yummy meals, sitting in the sun, playing in the water, reading a good book have filled our days. This is of course between the cleaning messes, errand running, and moderating sibling fights but even those feel a little more graceful, a little more purposeful.

I have had these thoughts swirling around my head for a while, and thought I would blog when I had it all figured out. But I came to the conclusion, I may never figure out life, so I might as well just live it.

So here's to living.



  1. Beautiful family, photos & post.
    Just breathe :)

  2. mmm... love. glad to hear about your decision on this. you are on the right path. beautiful post betsy.

  3. I love love love all these pics, specially the las 2. Love the sandals too