Saturday, January 7, 2012


[sunlight kisses]

[cousins playing]

[joy. photo by my sweet niece.]

[birthday table for bell]

[sketching while hubby paints]

Balance. My soul craves it.

I find that when I put out too much, I need time to re-energize.... recenter myself. I'm just now realizing that I need this.

Balance is a fleeting thing... you are always one way or the other, the scales balancing just briefly in between... but that's where the respite is. It is in passing moments. A breathe when I'm overwhelmed... the way the sun catches Bella's golden hair... a few hours at night sitting and being.

I find balance between the output and input is so important. Balance between being present in the day or present on the web. Out and about or resting for the day. Energy into thinking or energy into doing. Creating one thing by one medium or another. Balance between sharing everything and keeping all the sweet moments to myself. I often find myself pouring out instead of pouring in. At least lately after these long two months it has felt that way. I came up short with what I had left to give today and just had to accept that was how it was. Some days I just accept that this day I'm not going to be supermama. A walk and a snuggle is better than trying to get it all accomplished, better for my soul and better for my girls.

 I'm striving to find balance between what I've been taught and how I feel. I'm allowing myself to dig and mull over emotions, thoughts, mindframes, and leading. It's not easy to let go of things.
My soul's music lately has come in the form of cellist Zoe Keating. It's thoughtful and constant.... the way finding balance is.

Balance is a mindframe. Even when my surroundings are uncontrollable, I can still remain balanced and patient.


  1. i totally relate to what you're talking about. my word for 2011 was BALANCE. now, did i truly find that in 2011? that's another story! but oh, how i long to be a person of balance. to not let things that aren't really important consume my time and energy. i know that most of the time i just need to stop whatever i am doing and just make the choice to get on the floor and play on the floor with kids. you know what i mean? praying that you will find the balance that you are looking for in your life. God will give you the grace to find it!! :)
    ps-i am listening to that cellist you mentioned - wow! amazing. thanks so much!! blessings, lora

  2. Love this <3

    I am sort of dealing with being super extreme..(hence the title Manic). I will literally spend a week as superwoman, supermom, superwife, superblogger, etc. Then suddenly I have an entire 2-3 days where I can barely get off the couch and feed myself because I'm so exhausted, braindead, and straight-up depressing to be around. I obviously need to find somewhat of a middle ground LOL. I love the extreme highs but the extreme lows really REALLY suck and are what I'd like to avoid all together.

    Beautiful images, btw!

  3. this has been a HUGE theme in my life the past few months, and is just now coming to the point of 'ahhh - i get it'... ha ha, it takes time. it is so so important. in every single aspect of life i think. ive been thinking about the importance of balance lately and the thing that sticks out to me is the universes way of showing us that balance is a must. moon and sun. water and earth. death and life. man and woman. so many basic elemental things that rule this world are brought on by balance. and if one were to rule out the other and be more present then the whole world would be off balance, right? so keep this in the back of your mind to remind yourself just how important this 'balance' word really is. and ill try to do the same ;) its a learning process for sure!!!

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  5. you are amazing. that is all- and I have missed you. your words are always a breath of fresh air. <3

    1. YOU are amazing. glad to hear from you <3<3